A chronological history of jet airliner crashes.

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July 7, 1962

Junnar, Maharashtra, India: Alitalia Flight 771, registration I-DIWD, a Douglas DC-8-43 approaching the third stopover on a multi-leg flight, crashed into a hill northeast of Bombay, taking all souls aboard with it.

The flight began it’s flight in Sydney before continuing to several stopovers, including Bombay, before landing back in Rome. Investigators found that the plane had crashed in a relatively gentle angle of attack, implying that the crew was trying to pull up away from the hill when it contacted the terrain.

Investigators, after talking with Alitalia officials, mentioned that for the pilots, this route was relatively new and that their maps of the area where the plane crashed were not detailed nor current. This led investigators to conclude that navigation errors led the pilot to believe that he was closer to Bombay than he was.

An Alitalia Douglas DC-8