A chronological history of jet airliner crashes.

September 12, 1961

Douar Doum, Morocco: Air France Flight 2005, a Sud Aviation Caravelle, registration F-BJTB, crash lands upon approach to Rabat-Salè Airport. While the weather had been clear upon takeoff from the Paris-Orly Airport, it quickly deteriorated as the plane neared its destination. Pilots remained in contact with weather services who warned of the coming inclement weather and suggested that they skip the layover and continue to their final destination, Casablanca. Pilots reckoned that they could make the stop in Rabat and began landing procedures using a NDB (Non-Directional Beacon). Tower officials warned the crew that the NDB was not lined up with the runway correctly, but never received a reply to this warning. In fact, the crew were never heard from again. The plane crashed just outside the Rabat-Salè Airport and with no problems reported by the crew of mechanical failure, the crash’s was given up as an “error in instrument reading” as probable cause.

An Air France Sud Caravelle


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