A chronological history of jet airliner crashes.

January 19, 1960

Esenboğa International Airport, Turkey: Flight 871, a Scandinavian Airlines System Caravelle, registration OY-KRB made by Sud Aviation, crashes between the Ankara mountain range and the airport, taking all 42 souls with it (35 passengers, 7 crew). The flight had originated in Copenhagen, Denmark and had already had layovers in Düsseldorf, Germany and Vienna, Austria. Now, having taken off from Istanbul before finally heading for Cairo. The crew reported an uneventful flight and everything seemed to be going well until the approach to Esenboğa.

After reporting in 6:41 that the plane had descended from FL135 to FL120, the plane radioed in four minutes later that it had dropped to FL65 (flight level 6,500 ft) with six miles left before the airport. Two minutes after that, the plane crashed into the mountainous terrain with an elevation of 3500 feet. Investigators puzzles over why the plane had performed such a steep descent and the case was never solved due to a lack of any evidence.

This marked the first crash of a Caravelle.


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